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DAWN Group helps wolf sanctuary with a water-supply pipe system

Providing water to more than 200 wolves at the Husky Romi Rescue & Wolf Sanctuary at Reitz in the Free State is no longer a laborious labour-intensive process using buckets, thanks to product donations by the DAWN Group.

The only independent wolf sanctuary in South Africa, Husky Romi had no means of transporting water from its on-site borehole to the cages where the animals are housed. This meant that staff had to form a laborious and time-consuming bucket brigade.

The sanctuary’s plight was brought to the attention of the DAWN Group by Incledon Product Manager Phillip Bawden, at which point fellow Group member companies came on-board to donate components for a water-supply pipe system to be installed at the sanctuary.

High-density PE pipe was supplied by Sangio Pipe, with fittings from Incledon for the water supply to the cages. The PVC pipe for the main supply line came from DPI Plastics, while Libra Baths donated baths for use as water troughs.

DPI Plastics supplied some large-bore PVC pipes to Ubuntu Plastics for manufacturing additional water troughs, of which there were about 20 in total. The project commenced in March 2016, and was completed successfully in April.

Husky Romi is a non-profit organisation providing a safe haven for abandoned and abused huskies and wolves in South Africa. Many of the animals arrive in a poor condition, and are rehabilitated with loving care.

“We do appreciate donations and sponsorship for the buying of food, for veterinary bills, and for carrying out essential maintenance to the 58 enclosures,” comments owner Larry Paul.

“Visitors are essential for the financial upkeep of the sanctuary, and therefore we urge everyone interested to take a look at the website at,” Bawden adds.

DPI Plastics Marketing Manager Martine Goodchild explains that the DAWN Group’s involvement in the project forms part of the Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives of its member companies, which identify interesting and deserving projects where their products can make a significant difference.

The DAWN Group is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of quality branded hardware, sanitaryware, plumbing, kitchen, engineering and civil engineering products in Southern Africa.


Contact Larry Paul on 071 679 5141 or email

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