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Ultrapipe from DPI Plastics promotes PVC recycling

Ultrapipe from DPI Plastics features a multi-layered construction engineered to deliver all the attributes of a world-class sewer pipe while promoting the use of recycled PVC.

DPI Plastics introduced its Ultracor multi-layer SANS 1601 sewer pipe to the South African market in 2002. This consisted of three virgin or ‘first use’ layers: namely, an inner and outer PVC wall, together with a foamed inner core.

When compared to its sewer pipe predecessor (the SANS 791 Durodrain pipe), Ultracor was a lighter, more cost-effective and material-efficient sewer pipe that quickly gained ground in the market.

Over the years, extensive research and development by DPI Plastics and its ongoing commitment to increase its use of recycled PVC resulted in the development of Ultrapipe, which represented the ongoing evolution of Ultracor.

Ultrapipe also utilises ‘skins’ manufactured from virgin PVC material. However, the foamed core is manufactured from recycled PVC. The skins cover the core and are in contact with the effluent and surrounding environment.

While specifiers and contractors were initially hesitant to use this greener alternative, today Ultrapipe outsells Ultracor sewer pipe at a ratio of 4:1 as consumers choose more environment-friendly alternatives to traditional sewer products.

“PVC is the most popular material for sewer pipes worldwide due to its high strength and stiffness, toughness, low cost, ease of installation, chemical resistance and full system availability of pipes and fittings,” Renier Snyman, technical and product manager, DPI Plastics, points out.

“As per the SANS 1601 standard, we are only allowed to utilise recycled material from our own processes. We therefore have full history of the raw material and its ingredients, providing greater confidence and peace of mind for our customers,” Snyman comments.

Ultrapipe complies with the minimum stiffness requirements of SANS 1601.  It is manufactured in both medium-duty (200 KPa or SN 4) and heavy-duty (400 KPa or SN 8) versions. “Our full range of PVC sewer fittings are rated heavy-duty, and can therefore be used with any class of sewer pipe. In fact, the stiffness of our fittings far exceeds 400 KPa,” Snyman notes.

DPI Plastics was also the first company in South Africa to introduce ribbed fittings, providing lower weight with increased performance. “The size and shape of the ribs on our fittings was optimised to provide high stiffness and maintain overall rigidity,” Snyman explains.

Ultrapipe is available in the popular size range of 110 mm up to 250 mm. It is supplied with integral sockets and rubber seals, or can be joined by solvent welding, providing leak-free restrained joints.





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