Rieber Seal System

Product Features

DPI Plastics has introduced an improved seal for pressure and non-pressure pipes known as the Rieber Platinum Seal.

Rieber is a generic name used to describe a steel reinforced rubber seal that is incorporated into the pipe during manufacture, making the seal an integral part of the pipe.

Being firmly fixed in the pipe socket ring groove, the steel reinforcing provides structural support and pre­compression of the rubber against the pipe wall, as shown. The tight anchoring of the seal prevents the ingress of soil and other foreign particles into the sealing zones.

Advantages of the Rieber Sealing System

The Rieber seal has exceptional properties and design features, all of which combine to prevent problems:

  • Steel reinforcement: prevents deformation resulting from temperature changes which may cause problems during assembl
  • Integrated, part of the pipe socket: always positioned correctly in the socket and cannot be displaced during handling and pipe installation
  • Locked in, fixed ring system: no displacement during operation
  • Pre-compression of the seal in the pipe socket groove: no sand ingress both prior to and during operation
  • Combined lip and compression sealing components: seals under all conditions of pressure and vacuum
  • Ease of jointing: no need for excessive force hence faster installation.

Platinum can handle the stress

The Platinum system is tested on computer in order to fully understand the stress factors that apply to the seal as well as the pipe - and then adjust the seal design accordingly.

Fea Profile


The Platinum System installed in the pipe - before assembly

Fea Profile


The Platinum System after assembly showing the stress profile on the seal and the pipe

Rieber seal system (45.6 kb)