Pipeline Design & Installation Guideline

Design Guidelines for PVC Pressure Pipelines (for trenched and civil applications)

Click on the link below to download our 48 page technical manual covering the following subjects:

  • Applications of PVC pipes
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Advantages of PVC pressure pipe systems
  • Dimensions of pipes & fittings
  • Installation: Excavation, trench preparation, soil suitability, pipe laying, anchoring & thrust blocks, backfilling, testing, effect of entrapped air, repair and typical installations
  • Codes of practice: jointing, transport, packaging, handling and storage
  • Design criteria & considerations: design stress & safety factor, pressure variation and surge pressures, effect of temperature, effect of UV light, chemical resistance, water hammer, expansion & contraction, loads on buried pipe, deflection, wall stress, flow capacity, energy efficiency and conservation of energy
  • Flow and friction loss charts