Mineflo Repair Couplings

Product Features

DPI Plastics Mineflo pipes are supplied in standard lengths and with steel victaulic collars pre-assembled from the factory. It is sometimes necessary to cut pipes when performing repairs or to make up short lengths of pipe. In such cases one or both steel collars are removed.

When joining shortened Mineflo pipes the following methods of joining are acceptable:

Ultralok PVC-M restrained couplingUltralok-coupling

The Ultralok coupling consists of a PVC-M body in two halves, containing metal grip rings, a central rubber seal and six sets of bolts and nuts. This coupling is non-corrosive, easy and quick to install and rated 16 Bar maximum operating pressure for use with water pipelines. It is designed to join two plain ended pipes of the same size. It is currently available in 105mm. 155mm will be available soon.

Minelok steel repair coupling

The Minelok coupling consists of a coated cast steel body with loose metal grip ring. It is designed to join a plain ended pipe to a Victaulic collared pipe. It is available in 105mm, 155mm, 210mm and 250mm and is rated 16 Bar pressure for water and 7 Bar for air.Minelok-coupling

NOTE: Steel victaulic collars are not supplied loose to the mines, as it is unsafe to knock them onto pipe outside controlled factory conditions. The possibility exists that the collar may dislodge from the pipe under pressure if it is knocked on by hand. Furthermore, the sealing face of the collar may be damaged, causing leaks.

DPI Plastics have designed Ultralok and Minelok couplings to enable safe and easy repair or modifications to Mineflo victaulic pipelines.