Airflo Pipe Storage

Product Features

DPI Airflo pipes DPI Airflo pipes were developed in the mid 1980's in conjuction with various mining engineers to meet the mines' citeria of a tough, ductile and lightweight pipe for the conveyance of pressurized air in underground mining applications

Airflo pipes are 7 bar (700 kPa) rated for maximum pressure and are yellow in colour for easy identification.





Storage Instructions


  • Loose collared pipes should be loaded in a similar manner to the stacking diagram below withheavy pipes placed at the bottom of the load
  • As far as possible, pipes should be stored in the shade to eliminate distortion caused by excessive heat. Long term exposure to sunlight and ultra-violet radiation must be avoided. Storage in this case should be effected under cover, i.e. pipe racks or under shade cloth
  • During prolonged exposure to UV radiation PVC pipes will discolour. In this case DPI's Technical Department should be consulted to advise if the pipes are still suitable
  • When pipes are temporarily stored in the field, care must be taken to ensure that the ground is level and free from stones or sharp projections
  • NB. Make sure that the area is free from dry grass or any material likely to constitute a fire hazard
  • It is essential that pipes are stacked with the collars projecting so that there is a barrel to barrel contact along the lengths of pipe. This eliminates the bowing of pipe and the possible distortion of collars caused by the riding of one